Coye in front of trees.
Jes Nijjer

I began this career young and naive in the classrooms of Indiana University. I found my obsessions of pop culture were actually applicable observations of the world we actually live in. After many years on the fence, I took the advice of my IU professors to pursue a graduate degree in film studies.

At Ohio University I learned that my life without scholarship and learning had been empty. At OU, I focused on genre film like horror, action, science fiction, and its relationship (in my mind) to larger discussions of race, class, and gender. I believe cinema reflects culture and history, and it’s my greatest curiosity to explore how they inspire one another.

Beyond film, I love to wax poetically about all things pop culture: music, television, news media, studio arts, home arts, fashion, and The Internet (not Syd Tha Kyd, but the thing you’re looking at right now).

Reach out, let’s link, let’s get some culture.